The Film


Public Television Broadcast Credits

Produced and Directed by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton
Edited by David Carnochan
Producers: Peter Kovler, Orville Schell and Lise Yasui
Writers: John Crowley, Geremie Barmé
Associate Producers: Kim Roberts, Nora Chang, Dong Hua
Associate Directors: Geremie Barmé, Gail Hershatter, David Carnochan
Co-Editor: Charles Phred Churchill
Camera: Richard Gordon

Consultants: Michael Frisch, Merle Goldman, Gong Xiaoxia,
Harry Harding, Ellen Laing, Leo Lee, Andrew Nathan, Barry Naughton,
William Parish, Elizabeth Perry, Orville Schell, Jonathan Spence,
Andrew Walder, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Marilyn Young
Archival Research: Karen Cariani, Lewanne Jones, Rosalind Bentley,
Raye Farr, Mia Galison, Elizabeth Taylor-Mead
Associate Producers: Tim Callahan, Kai S. Wang, D.W. Leitner, Liu Yuan,
Liu Baifang, Kathy Kline, Dede Nickerson
Narrator: Carmen Flowers
Original Musical Compositions by Mark Pevsner
Sound Recordists: Tim Callahan, John Cameron, Alex Griswold,
David Shadrack Smith, Kim Roberts
On-Line Editor: David M. Allen
Title Design: Joanne Kaliontzis
Assistant Editor: Eileen Finkelstein
Dailies: DuArt Film Laboratories
Audio Post Production: Greg McCleary and Geof Thurber, Heart Punch Studio
Post Production Services: Multivision, Inc.
Narration Recording: Liebert Recording Studios
Photomotion: Ed Joyce and Ed Searles, The Frame Shop

Archival footage and still photographs:
ABCNEWS VideoSource; CBS News Archives; Cable News Network, Inc.; ETV Films, Ltd.; Grinberg Film Libraries; Hope Enterprises, Inc.; NBC News Archives; The Sidney D. Gamble Foundation for China Studies; Valerie Samson; Shu Lea Cheang; excerpts from "America Entertains Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping," © 1979 New Liberty Productions, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Produced in association with the
Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Major funding provided by the
National Endowment for the Humanities

Additional funding provided by
The Ford Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The Aaron Diamond Foundation, The John Merck Fund, Susie Tompkins, The Blue Ridge Foundation,
The Massachusetts Cultural Council, Jack and Dorothy Edelman, The Cedar Fund,
The Marjorie Kovler Fund,
John and Joan Gaines, Nora Chu, R. Shulsky

Special Thanks:
Alberta Arthurs, Nancy Berliner, Bob Bernstein, Laurie Block, Tom Brokaw, K.C. Chang, Pearl Chou, Phil Cunningham, Harriet Gordon, Scott Greathead, David Haas, Nancy Hearst, William and Katherine Ch'iu Hinton, Phyllis Kaufman, Kathleen Kennedy, Marty Kurcias, Nick Kurzon, Banary Lam, Liang Yi, Debbie Lou, Juan Mandelbaum, Frank Marshall, Robin Munro, Richard Pendleton, Emily Scott, Bertha Sneck, Tim Spitzer, Louise Stevenson, Lynn Szwaja, Barbara Watkins, James Yee, Research School of Pacific & Asian History (ANU, Canberra)

Chai Ling refused to be interviewed for this film.

Chinese government officials refused to be interviewed for this film.

© 1996, Long Bow Group, Inc. and WGBH Educational Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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